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Bed Bug activity has been on the rise for the past decade. Larger cities or small town there has most likely been bed bugs in your community. It’s not only hotels and Motels that are reporting problems!!! Apartments, condos, single family homes, school dorms, movie theatres, buses and subway, are all experiencing bed bug activity.

Bed bugs probably received their name by being historically known as a blood sucker that feeds on humans while sleeping in their bed at night. The Bed Bug is nocturnal, and primarily attacks humans, but can survive on any warm blooded animal such as birds and pets.

Contrary to their name Bed Bugs can be found in many places other than the bed, like furniture, dressers, picture frames, behind loose wallpaper, baseboards, electrical outlets, and just about anywhere.

Treating a Bed bug Infestation is extremely difficult in most cases, “do it yourself” and over the counter products, tend to only spread the problem and make elimination more difficult. If you suspect a Bed Bug problem, call the Professionals at Total Pest Management for an inspection and to discuss your treatment options.


Adult Bed Bugs are about 5 mm long with a flattened oval body. They range from light brown to a deep reddish brown in color. The eggs are white and about the size of the head of a pin. Their fecal matter is black and stains furniture and upholstery.


Female Bed Bugs will lay 1 – 5 eggs per day and can lay up to 500 in a life time. Under normal conditions Bed Bugs live for about a year. A Bed Bug can live for up to a year if a food source becomes scarce. It takes about 21 days from egg to adult in a Bed bugs life cycle.


Bed Bug elimination is difficult and often elusive. Usually a minimum of two services is required to ensure total elimination. The professionals at Total Pest Management have years of experience dealing with all types of Bed bugs problems. We use a multi- faceted approach to ensure elimination GUARANTEED!!

The initial inspection is an integral part of any Bed bug treatment. This will allow our knowledgeable technicians to determine the best and most effective course of action for your situation.

Total Pest Management employs the use of a Mobile Heat Treatment Unit. Heat kills!!!! The use of heat treatment will allow you to save your furniture and belongings, eliminating the replacement costs. IT IS ILLEGAL TO SPRAY A MATRESS!! Heat is effective against all stages of Bed bug, egg to adult.

Heat treatment in conjunction with the use of vacuums, steam, and conventional pest control such as integrated pest management and pesticide application is proven to be most effective in the war on Bed Bugs.

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Preparations for a Bed Bug Treatment

Preparation is probably the most crucial part of any bed bug treatment. It is time consuming and tedious, but if not performed properly the chances of success decrease greatly. Because not every situation is the same, the following is a minimum guideline of preparation instructions that will be required. Your pest control professional will advise of any specific requirement that you may have.

  • 1All bedding, linens and clothing MUST be laundered in hot water and dried for a minimum of 40 minutes on high heat. (Or dry cleaned if applicable). Once laundered place in a new bag and leave sealed until treatment is completed.
  • 2All items removed from dressers and night tables and placed in sealed bags or containers.
  • 3All items removed from bedroom closets and placed in sealed bag or container.
  • 4Be prepared to leave the dwelling for up to 8 hours, longer if certain situations exist such as young children or pregnancy.
  • 5Do Not transport unwashed clothing or luggage to another location while you are waiting for treatment as you may be bringing bed bugs or their eggs with you.
  • 6Specific preparation instruction will be given upon completion of inspection.

Bed Bug Preparation Services

The professionals at Total Pest Management understand that not every situation is the same. Some of our clients have physical or mental challenges and are just not able to perform the necessary preparations. Total Pest Management works closely with many community partners to ensure an effective treatment.

Total Pest Management offers a bed bug preparation service. We will arrange to have your belongings laundered, pack necessary items in your dwelling, arrange for removal of items to the landfill, all in an effort to provide the most effective treatment.

Some of our community partners include:

Canadian Mental Health Association
Bi-County Hoarding Coalition
Community Advocacy Legal Counsel
Ontario Works
Ontario Disability Support Program
Public Health Units
Private Landlords

In 2010 I discovered that I had a major bat infestation in my century home. The professionals at Total Pest Management dealt with the problem quickly and humanely. I would recommend Total Pest Management to everyone!!!" -Shannon White/ General Manager, Hampstead Square, Belleville