Total Pest Management


With over fifty years of experience, Total Pest Management can solve any pest problem that you may encounter at your home or cottage…your biggest investment.

All of our work is fully guaranteed to ensure that you have TOTAL PEACE OF MIND!!

The First Step: An Initial Inspection

The highly trained, friendly technicians at Total Pest Management will provide prompt courteous service that fits your schedule. Inspections are scheduled within 24 hours to quickly resolve your pest problems.
Our expert technicians will perform an initial inspection of your home, and provide you with the best course of action to resolve your pest problem.
Call 1 855 768 6826 now to book your initial inspection.

Pest Treatment: Our Priorities

  • 1Effective and Efficient
    With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we provide thorough solutions that are guaranteed to provide lasting relief. Many pests can be eliminated with a single treatment.
  • 2Safe for You and the Environment
    We employ industry-leading Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to solve your pest problem, which often allows us to solve your problems without the use of pesticides. We only use federally approved products that are safe to use in and around your home.
  • 3Humane

We can help you with Ants/ Carpenter Ants, Bats, Box Elder Beetles, Cluster Flies, Earwigs, Wasps/Bees. Spiders, Fleas, Mice, Rats, Wildlife Problems.
Looking for Year Round Peace of Mind? Introducing the Total Home Program

Total Pest Management’s TOTAL HOME PROGRAM provides guaranteed year round protection for your home or cottage property. Your home will be inspected/ serviced three times per year at pre-scheduled appointments. A detailed report will be completed after each service with recommendations about sanitation/structural concerns, pest activity, and chemical application.

This will ensure that your home/ cottage property is protected from pests 365 days a year!
Should you experience a pest problem outside of our regularly scheduled visit, just contact us and we will fix the problem at no additional charge for the pest that are covered. If it is an unusual pest problem, we will take care of it at a reduced rate!

Pest Covered

Mice, Rats, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Centipedes, Sow Bugs, Ants (excluding carpenter and pharaoh), Earwigs, Cluster flies, Bees, wasps, Spiders, Box Elder Beetles.

Have a Cottage, Island, or Water Access Property?

Your Cottage/ Recreational retreat is where you go to relax; you don’t need the stress of having to deal with pests. Whether it is Carpenter Ants, Wood Roaches, Mice, or Wildlife issues, the professional technicians at Total Pest Management have the knowledge and experience to remedy any situation that you may have.

Many of our clients are on islands or have water access only properties, no problem for Total Pest Management… we have a wide variety of portable equipment and even the Total Pest Management Boat!!!!

In 2010 I discovered that I had a major bat infestation in my century home. The professionals at Total Pest Management dealt with the problem quickly and humanely. I would recommend Total Pest Management to everyone!!!" -Shannon White/ General Manager, Hampstead Square, Belleville